What's the problem...

You need to make more sales, and you need your team to step up and deliver - so you can scale the business and focus on what comes next.

Speed is everything – to make sure your big idea doesn’t become someone else’s big success.

And every day that passes is another day that your competitors are honing their product, assaulting your user base and undermining your market position. 

But how do you do that? You need to build a repeatable, scaleable sales solution – quickly.

We specialise in working fast, working with the resource you’ve got and prioritising the areas that are really going to make a difference to your results.

Our three month, high impact programme creates a strategy for your sales success, delivers an implementation plan and upskills your team to deliver.

Want to know how we do it?

We bring years of specialist experience and an innovative approach to create the perfect solution to ‘jump’ you to the next level. Our unique three month programmes are a fast track solution built from years of experience in delivering scaleable success.

We focus on the stuff that keeps you awake at night – not the fluffy theory. So if you want to talk methodology – go talk to someone else! If you want to talk results – give us a call and let us take the headache of sales off your stress list.

Each programme is made up of three key strands – we build a strategy, deliver an implementation plan and skill up your teams with the best training on the planet.

1. Strategy – We create a high level strategy to change your sales results – with an eye to building on your current successes and quickly delivering a result. This isn’t a strategy to sit on a shelf – we’ll deliver it back, agree it and get on with it.

2. Training – Most importantly we super-skill your people. Your front line team are your secret weapon in building, engaging and keeping your customer base. Our training and coaching programmes deliver empowered, excited and effective team members delivering measurable change in your business.

3. Implementation Plan – Based around three key areas – your proposition, your processes and your people we turn your strategy into an actionable plan – and help you deliver it.

Stop wasting your time and energy trying to bootstrap it. Pick up the phone and let’s solve the problem, get your team rocking and let’s make the jump.

Short on new sales?

Then the
New Biz Jump
is for you

Focussing on driving more sales and building to that all important target figure, this programme will review your overall sales strategy, your proposition and route to market, as well as really getting ‘under the skin’ of your front line sales teams – what they do and how they do it.

On the back of this we deliver a clear strategy and a focussed implementation plan (we specialise in quick wins you can get an immediate result from!) – and then we support you implementing it! As expert trainers we implement new sales skills to your teams, streamline your processes and remove the roadblocks – to deliver a measurable increase in sales – both in conversion and revenue secured.

Rubbish user engagement and reviews?

Then the
Onboarding Jump
is for you

Starting with a full review of your existing approach ‘through the eyes of the customer’ we identify the key opportunities to make your users fall in love! And this isn’t about re-engineering your product (although we may give you some fab new ideas 😉)  it’s about mapping a clear engagement plan with measurable and reportable milestones – that actually save you time and resource in implementing.

For this Jump, its especially important that your customers and users have all of the different information they need, delivered at the right time, and in the right way – so often we will look at recommending content for both your key stakeholders and decision makers as well as your actual users with tangible points of engagement with your team along the way.

Rotten retention and sky high churn?

Then the
Retention Jump
is for you

Stop peeking through your fingers! Let’s get the numbers on the table and find out what’s really going on, identify the key ‘trips’ that cause your customers to cancel, and create some quick wins. We’ll even speak to your customers to really get to the heart of the matter.

Most importantly we’ll look at how you are dealing with renewals and cancellations – and how we turn that around with you team by ensuring they have the right tools and the right conversations to change that churn number.

TechTastic Facts

Google is a dog friendly business, Googlers who have dogs at work are known as Dooglers.
Spotify has patented tech that analyzes your speech and background noise to recommend new content based on your “emotional state” giving a whole new meaning to mood music.
Eric Yuan has elevated Zoom to one of the most successful SaaS businesses in recent history.
1 in every 3 developers has written their first code before they leave high school.

Whatever you’re stressing about around
your sales, we can help.

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