The Sales
Step Up!

What is the Sales Step Up?

A fortnightly event hosted by Victoria Fleming streamed live to LinkedIn. Guests join Victoria to discuss insights in their industry, share experiences and/or hints and tips around software, technology – and of course – sales!

Who is the audience?

The Sales Step Up is live streamed to Victoria Fleming’s personal LinkedIn profile and is aimed at all those interested in sales!

Victoria Fleming has over 20 years of experience in leading tech sales success with businesses all the way from startups to FTSE 100 giants and is a highly engaged member of the LinkedIn community with over 1800 connections across a range of industries.

What will I get out of it?

Not only is it a lot of fun, guesting on the Sales Step Up is a really effective way of adding value to your audience and sharing exclusive information about your business, product and/or service.

Your guest appearance will be promoted across the Buzztastic network with links to your own profiles and/or website.

We’ll provide you with marketing collateral to share with your audience before the event plus video snippets afterwards that you can use.

How long does the Sales Step Up last?

Our LinkedIn live sessions last between 45 minutes – 1 hour. We ask you to join us 15 minutes early so we can make sure we don’t have any tech gremlins!

What should I talk about?

Rather than an interview, think of it as a conversation between yourself and Victoria about what you do and your experiences. Before the session you will have the opportunity to chat with Victoria about the direction of the live and agree a topic focus.

In our experience using personal anecdotes and real life examples (names of clients can be omitted) is the type of content that appeals to viewers as well as any hot tips or insights in your industry – giving a glimpse behind the scenes always captures the audience’s imagination.

Will I be asked questions?

We will encourage questions to be submitted by attendees before the event and you’re welcome to approach your audience for questions too (just make sure you forward them over to us the day before the event).

Attendees will also be encouraged to submit questions during the event.

Where else will the video appear?

After the event the video will be posted to the Buzztastic YouTube channel. Snippets of the event will also be shared across social media and the Buzztastic website – and we’ll share them with you too so you can maximise your words of wisdom on any other platform that works for you!

What about the Tech?

You’re on camera so you’ll need to have your webcam switched on!  Think about what’s behind you – there’s no background magic so we’ll see whatever is behind you as well.


Consider where you are sitting – it’s helpful to have a light source in front of you to make sure we can see you – sitting in front of a light (such as a window) can often turn you into a dark shadow – facing the window will give you movie star lighting!

It’s really helpful if you have headphones with a built in microphone – it’s not a necessity, but it improves the quality so that we catch EVERYTHING you’ve got to say!

StreamYard logo


We broadcast with Streamyard – you can check it out HERE – but its super simple – you join with the url we send you and Victoria will make sure it runs seamlessly!

This is what the audience have to say!

Here's a few previous Sales Step Ups...

Any Questions?

If you’ve still got questions, just let us know – we would love to help!  Equally if you would like our tech specialist to spend five mins going over your setup before the event then just let us know – there’s nothing worse than being unnecessarily stressed by the IT!