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You’re looking to fast track and gain a competitive advantage to explode your growth.


It can be a bumpy ride – software and tech are so fast paced you know that to get ahead you need to be laser focussed on your goals, anticipating every challenge and responding quickly and effectively to changes in the industry, changes with your products and you customers ever increasing demands!


We offer expert insight and experience to give you an extra pair of eyes on the road.


Want to know how we do it?


Whether you’re looking for day-to-day support with your team, want to talk with an expert who really understands your business, or are looking for a full review of your sales function we can offer you bespoke consultancy plans to meet your needs.

Tech Sales Support

Our Tech Sales Support will give you direct access and support from Victoria Fleming when you need it, just pick up the phone when you want to talk things through. We’ve even got a programme to help you implement our recommendations – take a look at The Jump.

Tech Sales Review

Looking for quick wins you can quickly put into practice? This end to end review of your sales process, people and proposition will provide you with a set of strategic insights and recommendations to accelerate your sales results. No waiting for the end of the process to make an immediate difference to your results – we’ll be talking sales success right from the word go.

Every business is different, so our consultancy is not one size fits all -your needs are unique – and we understand this!  So pick up the phone and let’s see how we can support you in sending your sales stratospheric!

TechTastic Facts

Google is a dog friendly business, Googlers who have dogs at work are known as Dooglers.
Spotify has patented tech that analyzes your speech and background noise to recommend new content based on your “emotional state” giving a whole new meaning to mood music.
Eric Yuan has elevated Zoom to one of the most successful SaaS businesses in recent history.
1 in every 3 developers has written their first code before they leave high school.

Whatever you’re stressing about around
your sales, we can help.

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It’s all about you - your success, your numbers, your results. So rather than blow our own trumpet, here's what some of our clients say about us...