Rather than blow our own trumpet...

Here's what some of our clients say about us.

It’s all about you – your success, your numbers, your results. Over the last seven years we have transformed the sales results of all sorts of software and technology businesses just like yours.

Some of these businesses are delighted to sing our praises – some of them keep us a closely guarded secret (yeah we’ve signed a few NDA’s!).

Why’s that? Because they’ve seen the results we deliver – and they don’t want their competitors getting the low down!

"This is the help I have needed since starting this job"

"I put it into practice straight away "

"Sharing knowledge with peers and the environment created by Victoria really helped engage everybody in the room"

"It spoke directly to the areas I usually struggle with"

Full of inspirational and engaging ideas, even after an hours consultation I've come away with so many exciting new actions to consider and implement into my business practice"

'Victoria is an outstanding sales team trainer.'

Her enthusiasm and knowledge inspire, energise and educate in equal measure. And what’s more, she delivers lasting results.

Paul Hollyer
Director – The Marketing Company

'Victoria is nothing short of THE sales expert!

“Victoria has helped educate me on a number of sales challenges, ranging from defining my ideal client to putting together sales copy that will appeal to my target audience.

Victoria’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious. She is my go-to expert for all things sales”

Richard Tubb
Director – The IT Business Growth Expert

'Buzztastic's input made an instant impact in our organisation.'

“Victoria led us in an afternoon session, by which time we had a strategic approach, key target markets and a route into them.

Victoria turned sales from something that felt scary and distasteful into a real strength of the organisation. Since working with Buzztastic, we have signed off numerous large contracts with big organisations across a variety of sectors, including The Environment Agency and York University, We have no hesitation in attributing that success to Buzztastic’s strategic guidance.”

Steve Erdal
Director – Wordnerds

TechTastic Facts

Zoom’s original name was Saasbee when it was launched in 2011.
“Call an Uber” has replaced “Call a cab” completely disrupting the transportation industry.
The first modern theory of software was proposed by Alan Turing in his 1935 essay Computable numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem (decision problem).
There are over 700 different programming languages. How many are you using?

Whatever you’re stressing about around
your sales, we can help.