Buzztastic is a dedicated Software Sales Consultancy.

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We get nerdy excited about your pioneering product and specialise in disrupting your sales process to accelerate your results. And we know you want that result – FAST!

With our three month intensive programmes, our unique approach offers a specialist blend of consultancy, innovation and training to deliver measurable results.

If you want to sell more software then this is the place for you!

Who’s Victoria?

With over 20 years of experience in leading tech sales success with businesses all the way from startups to FTSE 100 giants, Victoria delivers repeatable sales success for all of our clients. And the great thing is, she even makes it fun!

From her first experience of programming a Commodore 64 through to securing her first step on the ladder as part of a tech support team, the magic of technology has always been a driving force for Victoria, to the extent of completing a qualification in software engineering in an attempt to 'look behind the curtain'!

Her energetic nature was never going to be satisfied sitting at a desk behind a screen all day, so training, customer development and sales were the natural next steps. Always ready for a challenge, her corporate career led her to manage large sales teams, selling ‘big new ideas’ and ‘the next big thing’ (often before the tech in question even existed) – and consistently delivering on giant target numbers.

about buzztastic

Buzztastic - Est 2014.

Even that challenge wasn’t enough, and Buzztastic was born in 2014. Working with driven and ambitious businesses to transform their results, over the last seven years we have…

Trained sales teams for major technology companies and pioneering software businesses
Spoken at events in both the UK and internationally
Delivered in depth Sales Reviews resulting in actionable sales growth
Headed up sales strategy on a number of software product launches
Developed 'The Jump' - a proven programme delivering Software Sales Success

Meet Teamtastic


Salestastic Director, Trainer and Consultant  – you’ll be seeing lots of Victoria on any project we’re involved in!

Techtastic Fact:

Has a specialist interest in just pressing the button to see what happens, which she blames on a lifetime of nothing too terrible ever happening when you press it. Except that time she wiped her Dropbox account or the other one when she set off a virus upload.


As Operations Manager Michelle manages all major business projects, as well as streamlining and simplifying processes and systems.

Techtastic Fact: Her dad was convinced she should go to Uni to be a Software Engineer but instead she got a Business degree… lucky for us!


Supports with all things marketing – from social media to email marketing and offers a unique insight into how customers ‘see it’!

Techtastic Fact: Ran a home accessories Ecommerce store for 11 years which she sold in 2016, and now runs several Facebook groups – in addition to being addicted to Tropico 6!


As our Virtual PA, Tammy helps busy CEOs organise themselves and ensures all of our projects run smoothly and effectively.

Techtastic Fact: She’s built 3 websites from scratch within a month without any previous knowledge of the tech (lots of YouTubing and all-nighters!).



Our video producer and editor specialises in helping clients to stand out in noisy social media environments.

Techtastic Fact: Mark worked on ‘The Tube’ (Channel 4 TV) music programme for a brief period in the early 80’s. This also makes him the coolest member of the team…

Our Clients

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TechTastic Facts

Mark Benioff came up with the idea for Salesforce whilst swimming with dolphins in the Pacific ocean.
Airbnb was started by 3 guys who rented out three airbeds on their living-room floor and cooked their guests breakfast.
The founder of instagram Kevin Systrom learned to code in the evenings after work.
The founders of Angry Birds created 51 games before hitting the jackpot.

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