Increasing B2B Sales in your SAAS business

You want sales success

You’ve got a great product, a fantastic team, and even some customers – in fact you look like every founders dream because you MADE it – you got your product to market with all the hard work, stress and investment that takes – but now you need to scale your sales.

So why aren’t you getting the results you’re looking for?
You’re an ambitious SAAS business looking to get to 7 figures (or your next 7 figure multiple!)
The business is experiencing rapid growth, but behind the scenes you’re struggling to keep pace
You’re frustrated that your sales aren’t matching your expectations
You need your team to deliver the results you need – without you

It’s simple, you want more new sales, to get your users engaged and make your renewals run like clockwork.

You need a seamless sales process, a sales team able to handle any conversation and effortless conversion – to ensure not only that you sell more but that you keep those customers year after year and turn them into raving fans!

It’s time to disrupt your sales process.

Your sales solution

Buzztastic is a dedicated SAAS Sales Consultancy

We raise your MRR by disrupting your sales process – new routes to market, new ways of presenting your product and a sales team completely changing gear.

We drive engaged users and ‘stickiness’ by iterating a world class onboarding and engagement program.  And most importantly, it’s something that your team can start to deliver from day one.

We rocket your renewal figures with new strategies and interactions that keep you as the ‘must have’ product and empower your team to take ownership and deal with challenges along the way confidently and competently.

A seamless renewal and retention approach to minimise your churn. Whichever area you need to focus on, we can help.

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Victoria Fleming is a energetic sales innovator, trainer and consultant. How energetic? Picture the Duracell Bunny after a double espresso and a gallon of Berocca.

Passionate about unlocking the sales magic in every business, helping teams to love to sell and delivering real results. No double-glazing-talk, no Apprentice-style bluster.

TechTastic Facts

The original Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree, with an apple about to fall on his head.
In 2000 Blockbuster passed on the opportunity to buy Netflix, today it has a subscriber base of over 180 million.
To decide whose name should go first, Bill Hewlett and David Packard flipped a coin.
New Zealand is a popular country for launching new software, not only is it a diverse, English speaking country, it’s also isolated so news about failure doesn’t travel very quickly!

Whatever you’re stressing about around
your sales, we can help.

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